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Are you looking for a garage door repair company? You are on the right page! Our Garage Door Repair San Diego company provides variety of services that you will need for repairing, replacing and maintaining your garage door. Services we offer are divided into two parts: Maintenance and Fixing.

San Diego Garage Door Repair Maintenance Services Includes:

Door Runners and Tracks: Automatic garage doors are designed for easy use. However, if you do not check the door runners and tracks regularly, it will accumulate dirt and dust. In the long run, this will prohibit your garage door to open and close smoothly. So, as often as you can, you should ask an expert to check the runners and tracks. Our well-trained technicians will use high-pressure hose to clean it in an instant. Also they will use a scrub to remove the layers of dirt.

Nuts and Bolts: Aside from the runners and tracks, our technicians will check the nuts and bolts. They will make sure that all of them are screwed tightly. If there are missing parts, they will immediately replace it. They will ensure that the parts in your garage door is complete.

Cleaning Services: Some garage door owners lubricate the runners and tracks with grease. That is wrong! Our Garage Door Repair San Diego technicians advise our customers not to do this because it will only aggravate the accumulation of dirt and dust. So, if you CAnt them clean, never use grease. Leave the lubricating services to us. We will ensure that your garage door will run smoothly.

San Diego Garage Door Repair Fixing Services Includes:

What if your garage door already needs replacing and repairing? Here is the list of the services we offer.

Noise when it opens or closes: Did you notice that whenever you open or close the garage door, it produces a screeching sound? What does that mean? Either, your torsion springs might be broken or the rollers need lubrication. Our company can fix that. We will check all of its parts and repair where the noise is coming from.

Getting stuck in some parts: There is something wrong in your garage door, if it stops at some point. Maybe the motor is already broken and needs replacing. Other parts of the garage door might also be the reason. When your garage door stops, never stand under the door to find the problem. That would be very risky. Call San Diego Garage Door Repair and we can handle this situation.

Missing Parts: It would be easy to go to the purchase the missing parts for your door. But the question is, are they the correct parts? Do you know how to fix them properly? Well, that would be a problem. It would be very difficult to fix it by yourself. You have to call an expert. We can supply quality parts and excellent service.

Whatever it is, Garage Door Repair San Diego CA services would be your best option. Rest assured that your garage door is in good hands.

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