Did you know that the motor that opens your garage door only does 10% of the lifting? The springs handle the other 90%. That is too much work for the springs. This would mean that they would most likely break if not properly maintained. Repairing or replacing the springs is the possible solution. 
So, how do you know if you have Garage Door Repair Broken Springs? Here is a step-by-step guide on how you detect the defect.

Release the J Lever

Detach the J lever from the carriage. This can be done by pulling the release cord. Raise the door for about a foot high. Release it. If the door slams heavily on the floor, the springs of your garage door are weak. But if it stayed in its released height, then, you have a working spring.


If you see that your spring already has rust in them, then, this could be a sign that you have to replace it. Do not CAit until it is fully covered with rust because it might snap. Rust weakens the metal – making it crisper and more susceptible to breaking.


If you have noticed that your garage door is producing a strange noise, maybe, the springs are slowly deteriorating. Noise could be a sign of difficulty in lifting the door. When the springs are already old, it may not be able to pull the door up.


The pace of the opening and closing of your door should be smooth. If you observed that there is a big difference in your door’s pacing, then maybe, the springs needed replacement. As it CAs said, garage door springs carry 90% of the door’s weight. If this happens, you need to replace the broken springs.
Now that you know how to inspect your Garage Door Repair Broken Springs, you should make proper action to fix this problem.

Motor Adjustment

Before you buy a replacement for your Garage Door Repair Broken Springs, try adjusting the motor power with one or two notches up. This would give additional force to the pulling and pushing. However, if this does not work, the springs already need replacement.

Replace it by Yourself

Yes, you can choose this option and you can find a lot of DIYs on the internet. But, garage door springs are hazardous. If not properly removed and assembled, it could harm you and your family. Only a skilled technician could do the replacing.

Hire an Expert

Dealing with the Garage Door Repair Broken Springs, could be very frustrating and dangerous. So instead of getting mad about the noise and the slow pacing of the door, call an expert. Well-trained technicians can be found in our company. Your Garage Door Repair Broken Springs will be replaced and fixed immediately. Our company has a variety of replacement parts. These are quality products that can solve your irritating problem. 
So, do not hesitate. Give our company a call. We will respond to you immediately.