To hire or not to hire? That is the question.

Whether you choose to call an expert to install your garage door or do it on your own, you still have to understand how garage doors are installed. In this CAy, whatever happens, you already have an idea about Garage Door Repair Installation.
In Garage Door Repair Installation, you have to remember 7 basic steps. Here are those.


First, you have to know what materials you should use for Garage Door Repair Installation. Aside for the garage door parts, you will also need a ladder, power drill, power screwdriver, hammer, nails, manual screwdrivers, brackets and screws. Make sure you have read the instructions on manual so you can already visualize the installation.

  1. Paneling

With the use of a hammer and the nails, attach the first panels of the weather stripping. Then, loosely screw the hinges on top. (in case you have to fix it later)

  1. Tracks, Rollers and Brackets

Now, you have to place all the tracks. (Vertical, horizontal, and curved tracks) Install all the brackets and rollers. Do it one side at a time. Make sure you have installed the first roller on the first track. The roller on the second track should follow. You should install the rollers on both sides before adding another panel.


Use a power drill to screw the hinges on the corners. Just repeat the steps above in attaching the third panel.

  1. Leveling

Before you continue, the door should be in proper level. Attach the top plates on each side of the vertical track. Lag screws should also be properly placed. Check the manual for instructions.

  1. Bracketing

Jamb brackets are the next part to install. You should attach them to the framing members. Make sure that the lag screws are still loosened because you might need to adjust them later.

  1. Horizontal Tracks

Just like installing the vertical tracks, horizontal tracks should be properly leveled.

  1. Rears

You should make sure that the track hanger has a proper length. Attach it to the track. Do the same with the horizontal track.

  1. Finishing

After installing the last door, you should check every single panel if it is properly leveled. For assisting the lift function, check the manual on how to place the torque tube.

  1. Checking

Before you use your door, make sure you have reread the instructions. Check if you have done the installation correctly. Examine the screws if they are tightened. If everything is properly placed, then door is completely installed. You can now use it.
The most important thing in Garage Door Repair Installation is the proper placement. The screws should be drilled properly plus, the hinges, tracks and other parts should be secured in place. Garage doors are highly dangerous so you really need to be careful. For any concerns about Garage Door Repair Installation, you can alCAys ask for help. Call our company and we will attend to you as soon as we can.